Woo in purple & White
Woo in purple & White

Woo Wednesdays is an Online Meetup (Noon Pacific time)

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March 8th 2023

Upcoming Meetups (Pacific Time)

Dallas Fort Worth WordPress Event PageFeaturing Eric L.

SANTA CRUZ & SAN JOSE WP: List of Meetup Groups

Calgary WP – Learn about the new Photo Directory: March 8th @ 5:00 pm

S.C.C. WP – Take your website to the next level: March 8th @ 7:00 pm

Learn WP – Preventing CSRF Security Vulnerabilities: March 9th @ 6:00 am

Learn WP – Wrapping Open AI integrated block that generates images: March 9th @ 7:30 am

North East WP – Effective Written Content for WordPress Websites: March 9th @ 10:00 am

Learn WP – Intro to WordPress Accessible Color: March 9th @ 12:00 pm

Learn WP – How to create a website on mobile (Part 1) March 9th @ 2:00 pm

Spokane/C d’A WP – Monthly WordPress Discussion & Help Desk: March 9th @ 6:00 pm

Inland Empire WP – Monthly Help Desk: March 9th @ 7:00 pm

Portland WP – Help Desk: March 11th @ 10:00 am

Rochester WP – Monthly Meetup: March 13th @ 3:30 pm

San Diego WP – Monthly Help Desk: March 13th @ 6:00 pm

Learn WP – Customizing the Single Template & 404 Template: March 14th @ 15th @ 1:00 pm

Woo News

WooCommerce 7.4.1 Fix Release

WooCommerce 7.5 RC 1

High Performance Order Storage is (soon to be) the New Normal

WooCommerce Subscriptions + HPOS: Understanding Next Steps

Manual Authorization and Capture – What to Know and When to Use It

How to Promote WooCommerce Products on Popular Online Marketplace

Word News

Current Version of WordPress: 6.1.1 – Support

WordPress’ Legacy Default Themes Updated to Bundle Google Fonts Locally

WordPress 6.2 Product Demo Video Now Available

WordPress Themes Team Proposes Community Themes Initiative

Elementor WordPress Contact Form Plugin Vulnerability Exposes Up To 200,000 Sites

Free Resources

Getting Started With Tag Manager Part 1: Presentation by 7th Circle Designs

Getting Started with Tag Manager Part 1: Slide Deck

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