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February 7, 2024: Woo Wednesday

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Woo Wednesday Online Meetup at Noon Pacific Time

Join Us At: Meetup.com

Other Upcoming Meetups (Pacific Time)

Dallas/Fort Worth WordPress: Event PageFeaturing Eric L.

WORDPRESS HELP-DESK SUPPORT: List of WP Meetup Groups – By Eagle

Ottawa WP – Getting started with blocks: February 7th @ 4:00 pm

Bakersfield WP – Virtual WordPress Wednesday: February 7th @ 7:00 pm

C d’A/Spokane WP – Monthly Discussion & Help Desk: February 8th @ 6:00 pm

I.E. WP – Monthly Help Desk Featuring Steve Kinzey: February 8th @ 7:00 pm

Portland WP – Help Desk: February 10th @ 10:00 am

South Sound WP – Help Desk & Hacking: February 10th @ 10:00 am

Cambridge WP – AI for WordPress: February 12th @ 11:00 am

San Diego WP – YOAST PLUG-IN For SEO in 2024! February 12th @ 6:00 pm

Learn WP – JavaScript for modern WP development: February 13th @ 8:00 am

Learn WP – Dashboard & Documentation: February 13th @ 11:00 am

Woo News

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WooCommerce 8.5.2 Released

From the Woo Developer Blog


WooCommerce 8.5.2 included updated logic to notifications that are causing fatals on some sites. This point fix release resolves the issue and includes safer checks for errors so that notification errors don’t cause fatal errors.

In the meantime, if your site is experiencing problems here is a workaround.

Using the CLI:
wp option set woocommerce_show_marketplace_suggestions no

Otherwise, disable marketplace suggestions in:
Settings > Advanced > Woo.com.

It also includes a Customize Your Store fix for potential PHP warnings and fatal errors when the images variable is not defined.

This release includes these fixes for issues in 8.5.1:

  • Add defensive checks for strpos in ComparisonOperation #44033
  • Add rudimentary try catch for all remote endpoint spec evaluators #44037
  • CYS: fix PHP warnings and pattern button #43354

You can download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

WooCommerce 8.6 RC: Classic notice templates for classic themes & more

From the Woo Developer Blog

“WooCommerce 8.6 RC is now available for testing! You can either download it directly from WordPress.org or install it via the WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin.”

Store Editing Snaps: Enhancing Product Display and Streamlining Store Management

From the Woo Developer Blog

Product Collection Block

This project aims to create a Product Collection block with the functionality of Products (Beta) block but as an improved experience for displaying your products. It includes foundational work to cover the current Products block functionalities, improvements around Inspector Controls, and a set of basic patterns for a new block.Return to top after page change (#43817)Some time ago, we introduced client-side navigation to the Product Collection block meaning there’s no page reload when changing pages. We received feedback that the block should scroll to the top after page change and here’s our response! We kicked off this work and it should be ready soon.

Fix incorrect product data displayed in Product Collection in context of Single Product block (#44123)We’re putting a lot of effort to make Product Collection your go-to block in terms of product presentation. There was an issue in the Editor that if you placed a Product Collection block inside a Single Product block, it would display some data inherited from the Single Product block. It could’ve discouraged you from using Product Collection in that place (even though it works fine in the frontend) but we’ve fixed it so you have a better Editor experience!

Templating logic update

We are making some improvements to the logic that handles WooCommerce templates, those are Product Catalog, Products by Category, Single Product, Cart, Checkout… The goal of this project is to improve test coverage, modernize the code and, with it, fix some long-standing bugs which affect some edge cases.Avoid duplicate templates appearing on the Site Editor when the WooCommerce template and the theme template have been customized by the user (#44000)We resolved an issue that might cause duplicate templates to appear in the Site Editor. It required the store to be using a block theme with custom WooCommerce templates and having user customizations for the WooCommerce default template and the theme template. After fixing this, there are no more duplicate templates in the list!Add e2e tests for theme customization of block templates (#43650, #43778, #43750, #43794 and #43992)We put a lot of effort into making sure we have test coverage for themes overriding WooCommerce templates. While it might initially look like a straightforward task, the logic is full of exceptions and edge cases: templates which fallback into other templates, the possibility of having customized the WooCommerce templates and/or the theme templates in parallel, etc.Our test coverage now is much better than it was a few weeks ago, and this should allow us to improve the templating logic with more confidence on not breaking things for existing stores.Add e2e tests for the Page Wrapper block (#44122)Continuing the effort on improving our automated testing infrastructure, we added tests to the Page Wrapper block, that’s the block that makes the Cart and Checkout page contents to be visible in the Cart and Checkout templates.

Other Notable PRs / Issues

Developer Advisory: WP 6.4.3 causes “Incompatible Archive” on upload error

From the Woo Developer Blog

“With the introduction of the following checks in the core files of the plugin uploader, plugin files which are zipped on macOS computers fail checks, and are ultimately unable to be uploaded as a plugin via the admin interface. 

This issue is being addressed by the WordPress core team, and is scheduled to be included as a fix in WP 6.4.4.” 

Introducing New WooCommerce Developer Documentation

From the Woo Developer Blog

“This resource is designed to assist developers in building powerful ecommerce stores, crafting unique extensions or themes, and contributing directly to enhancing WooCommerce itself. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your journey with WooCommerce, you’ll find essential guides and resources tailored to meet your needs.

All documentation available on the site is open source and synced from GitHub, just like WooCommerce itself. This means that it’s easier than ever before for anyone to contribute to documentation, and developers can easily update docs as they make changes to WooCommerce’s codebase.”

Ecommerce email marketing: Your complete guide 

From the Woo General Blog

Ecommerce email marketing is the best way to engage your audience and nurture relationships with your customers and subscribers. There are so many channels to deliver your marketing messages, but email is the one that people have chosen to receive: Your email list is your most loyal and engaged audience.

Word News

WordPress 6.4 Shirely Horn

Current Version of WordPress is 6.4.3 – Maintenance and Security release

From WordPress.org

“This security and maintenance release features 5 bug fixes on Core, 16 bug fixes for the Block Editor, and 2 security fixes.

Because this is a security release, it is recommended that you update your sites immediately. Backports are also available for other major WordPress releases, 4.1 and later.

WordPress 6.4.3 Security Release Fixes Two Vulnerabilities

From Search Engine Journal

WordPress security release version 6.4.3 is a response to two vulnerabilities discovered in WordPress plus 21 bug fixes.

Roadmap to WordPress 6.5

From WordPress.Org

“WordPress 6.5 is set to be released on March 26th, 2024. This release brings greater design control and optionality, more robust block capabilities with new APIs, access to current block theme functionality to classic themes, and the start of the new admin redesign. More specifically, these significant features include the Font Library for easy global font management, support for Appearance Tools in Classic Themes for more expansive design options, and more robust revisions across the editing experience (including revisions for template parts and templates). New APIs like Interactivity, Custom Fields, and Block Binding expand block capabilities and underpin features like partial sync patterns, and PHP compatibility work ensures alignment with PHP versions. Rollback for plugin and theme updates enhances safety, and bug fixes address various components for an improved user experience. The first taste of the admin redesign as part of phase 3 efforts are planned for this release in an iterative and contained way by bringing a new experience to the template, template part, and pattern lists within the Site Editor.”

WordPress Site Security – The Essential Checklist for Zero Breaches

From Microsoft Start

Whether you have a small blog or a network of blogs, following this checklist will help you get secure your websites and keep your readers happy.

Crypto mines will have to start reporting their energy use in the US

From the Verge

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will begin collecting data on crypto mines’ electricity use, following criticism from environmental advocates over how energy-hungry those operations are.

“We will specifically focus on how the energy demand for cryptocurrency mining is evolving, identify geographic areas of high growth, and quantify the sources of electricity used to meet cryptocurrency mining demand,” Joe DeCarolis, administrator of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), said in a press release today.

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