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July 26, 2023 Woo Wednesday

Woo in purple & White

Woo Wednesdays Online Meetup at Noon Pacific Time Link

Other Upcoming Meetups (Pacific Time)

Dallas Fort Worth WordPress Event PageFeaturing Eric L.

SANTA CRUZ & SAN JOSE WP List of WP Meetup Groups – By Eagle

Learn WP – Overcoming Writer’s Block, Planning a Blog’s Content: July 26th @ 9:00 am

Reno WP – Let’s Learn About WordPress: July 26th @ 6:00 pm

Seattle WP – WordPress Fundamentals: July 26th @ 6:00 pm

S.C.C. WP – Take your WordPress Site to the Next Level: July 26th @ 7:00 pm

Learn WP – Testing WordPress 6.3 – Developer Edition: July 27th @ 7:00 am

Learn WP- Using custom SlotFill to extend a codebase: July 27th @ 7:30 am

Tampa Bay Technology Center: WordPress Meetup: July 27th @ 4:00 pm

Santa Cruz/San Jose WP – Introduction to Airtable: July 27th @ 6:00 pm

Learn WP – Blogging with WordPress: July 28th @ 9:00 am

Learn WP – Blogging with WordPress: July 28th @ 2:00 pm

Learn WP – Come join the WordPress Training Team: August 1st @ 1:00 pm

Woo News

WooCommerce 7.9

WooCommerce 8.0 Beta 1 Released

WooCommerce Blocks 10.6.1 Release Notes

Store Editing Snaps: July 03 – 14

WooCommerce and TikTok invite merchants to TikTok Shop beta program in the US

How to Sell Online — Your All-in-One Guide

Reflecting On 20 Years Of WordPress With The CEO of WooCommerce [Podcast]

eCommerce Trust and Credibility: How to Win Customer Confidence

Word News

WordPress 6.2.2

WordPress 6.3 Release Candidate 2

Why API attacks are increasing and how to avoid them

Security Vulnerabilities In WP Workflows For Enterprises (With Practical Solutions)

Learn How to Use WordPress Playground

WPMU Dev Smush Plugin Releases New Ultra Smush Image Compression

Mojeek Search Engine Adds WordPress’ Openverse to Image Search

WordPress Contributors Demand Transparency and Objective Guidelines for Listings on Recommended Hosting Page

Free Resources

Free WooCommerce Video Lessons