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June 12, 2024 Woo Wednesday

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Woo Wednesday Online Meetup at Noon Pacific Time

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Other Upcoming Meetups (Pacific Time)

Dallas/Fort Worth WordPress: Event PageFeaturing Eric L.

WORDPRESS HELP-DESK SUPPORT: List of WP Meetup Groups – By Eagle

S.C.C. WP – Take your site to the next level: June 12th @ 7:00 pm

North East (U.K.) WP – Making WordPress Do Stuff: June 13th @ 10:00 am

Los Angeles WP – AI + WordPress Workflows IV: June 13th @ 6:00 pm

C d’A/Spokane WP – WordPress Discussion and Help Desk: June 13th @ 6:00 pm

IEWP – Monthly Meetup & Help Desk: June 13th @ 7:00 pm

Santa Clarita Valley WP – From Page Builders to Blocks: June 15th @ 10:30 am

Learn WP – Setting up your header and footer: June 17th @ 2:00 pm

Accessibility WP – Lifter LMS Accessibility Audit: June 17th @ 5:00 pm

Houston Woo – Rescheduled Meetup: June 17th @ 5:00 pm

Hartford WP – WordPress Summer School – Session 1: June 18th @ 3:00 pm

Toronto WP – Let’s fix your site: June 18th @ 3:30 pm

Woo News

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Current WooCommerce version is 8.9.2

From the WordPress Repository

“This release includes fixes to remove a request which stores some basic request data (including IP address of the site visitor) in our server request logs hosted on Automattic (Woo’s parent company) infrastructure for a maximum of 14 days in WooCommerce versions 7.8.0 through 8.9.1.”

WooCommerce 8.8.5 and 8.9.3: Dot Release and Backport Fixes

From the Woo Developer Blog, by pia8c

“We’re releasing patches for 8.8 and 8.9 to address an XSS vulnerability found in these versions, which affects pages with the Classic Checkout. This vulnerability allows for the injection of HTML and JavaScript, posing a security risk. To mitigate this, patches have been included in WooCommerce 9.0 and backported to versions 8.8 and 8.9. Users running these versions are advised to update urgently to protect against potential attacks.”

Developer Advisory: XSS Vulnerability in WooCommerce 8.8.0 and later

From the Woo Developer Blog, by Jacklyn Biggin

“We are issuing this advisory to alert the WooCommerce community about an XSS vulnerability in WooCommerce versions 8.8.0 and later that we uncovered through our ongoing proactive security testing process.  We have already released a patch.

The issue is present on pages that contain the registration and classic checkout and allows for the injection of HTML and JavaScript into the page. We already released a patched version of WooCommerce 8.9, and backported the fix to WooCommerce 8.8. This fix will also be included in WooCommerce 9.0. If you are running WooCommerce 8.8.0 or later, we strongly recommend updating as soon as possible.

Digital wallets and assets for WooCommerce

From the General Woo Blog, by Dave Lockie

“The digital realm continues to pervade and disrupt the way we live our lives. The digitization of financial resources is no exception. Woo has offered cryptocurrency payment solutions through our select partners since 2022. Since then we’ve been working to expand our support for digital assets for Woo merchants.

This blog post aims to introduce Woo merchants, builders, and customers to the world of digital wallets and assets. We’ll unravel their essence, significance, and practical applications. In subsequent posts, we’ll explore how Woo merchants are using NFTs (and other digital assets) for fun and profit and what to consider if you’re trying to select an NFT solution for your Woo store.”

Word News

Image of Regina Carter

WordPress 6.5.4 Maintenance Release

From, by Aaron Jorbin

“This minor release features 5 bug fixes in Core. You can review a summary of the maintenance updates in this release by reading the Release Candidate announcement.

WordPress 6.5.4 is a short-cycle release. The next major release will be version 6.6 planned for July 2024.”

WordPress 6.6 Beta 2

From, by marybaum

This beta version of the WordPress software is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites—you risk unexpected results if you do.”

Beginner WordPress User


Learn the essentials of creating and managing your own website, from mastering the user-friendly interface to crafting engaging content. Unlock the power of WordPress and build a solid foundation for your online presence.

Throughout this course, we will comprehensively explore a variety of topics, progressively deepening our understanding of WordPress and honing our skills in its usage.”

Software Simplified Steps You Must Follow to Ensure a Smooth WordPress Migration

From Tech Bullion, by James Andrew

“Migrating a website can provide numerous benefits, including enhanced performance, increased storage capacity, and improved security. However, it is a challenging task that demands meticulous planning and execution to prevent potential issues or downtime. To ensure a seamless WordPress migration, we have outlined some simplified steps for you to follow.”

Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring a WordPress Developer

From Business Matters

“…WordPress remains a cornerstone for creating versatile, robust, and user-friendly websites.

Hiring a skilled WordPress developer is crucial for businesses looking to leverage this powerful platform effectively.

But what qualities should you look for when you hire WordPress developers, to ensure you’re bringing on the right talent?

Key Traits for Excellence in WordPress Development

Identifying the right WordPress developer involves more than just a cursory glance at their resume. For hiring the best web designers, it requires an understanding of the specific skills and personal attributes that contribute to successful projects and long-term digital strategy. Let’s explore these essential qualities that can help your business thrive online.”

Free Resources

Professional WordPress Free Patterns

“Discover a vast collection of free WordPress patterns to upgrade your website’s design effortlessly.

Full compatibility with any WordPress theme and plugin.”