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June 26, 2024 Woo Wednesday

Woo Wednesday Online Meetup at Noon Pacific Time

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S.C.C. WP – Take Your WordPress Site to the Next Level! June 26th @ 7:00 pm

Tampa Bay Tech – Monthly WP Meetup: June 27th @ 4:00 pm

Canada CodeCamp – Create your first Website with AI (No Code): June 27th @ 7:00 pm

Learn WP – Your Role in WP Open Source Contribution: June 30th @ 8:00 am

O.C. WP – Monthly Meetup: July 1st @ 7:00 pm

Woo News

Woo Commerce Image

Current WooCommerce version is 9.0.2

From the Woo Developer Blog, by Jacklyn Biggin

“WooCommerce 9.0 and 9.0.1 broke backwards compatibility with some stores that used decimal and thousand separators when entering their flat rate shipping cost. Specifically, stores with shipping cost that used both thousand and decimal separators would calculate shipping rates incorrectly, as shared in our previous developer advisory

This dot release – 9.0.2 – fixes this issue by restoring the previous behaviour.

Developer Advisory: Flat Rate shipping separators in WooCommerce 9.0.1

From the Woo Developer Blog, by Shani Banerjee

“In WooCommerce 9.0 a bug fix was submitted correcting a problem in which free shipping would be offered to customers, even if a valid flat rate had been defined in the settings. A little more specifically, this would occur if the flat rate was entered using decimal and thousand separators (for example, “1,000.00” instead of “1000”).

However, following the introduction of this fix, we identified two new issues that also impact Flat Rate shipping (which is an optional shipping method that can be added and defined via WooCommerce Settings > Shipping). 

To the best of our knowledge, using the same symbol for both inputs is very unusual, and so we expect that very few merchants will be impacted by this.”

WooCommerce 9.1: Pre-release updates

From the Woo Developer Blog, by Shani Banerjee

“Hey folks, on Thursday, June 20, 2024, we kicked-off our Code Freeze ahead of the release of WooCommerce 9.1. As we begin the testing phase, and get the release ready for RC, we wanted to share some spoilers and document any updates to the expected release timeline.”

Woo 9.1 Highlights:

  • Optimization in Product Lookup
  • Variable Product Inline Actions
  • Checkout Blocks Usability Improvements
  • Accessibility Enhancements for Shop Accounts
  • Replacing Products (Beta) with Product Collection
  • More checkout information in SSR

Introducing the new Woo Developer Newsletter

From the Woo Developer Blog, by Pi

This newsletter is your gateway to unlocking exclusive insights, enhancing your development skills, and staying on top of the latest in the WooCommerce platform. 

Why you should subscribe

  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to behind-the-scenes knowledge and tips that can elevate your development game.
  • Latest Content: Engage with newly published blog posts and documentation, showcasing our latest releases, resources, advisories, and more.
  • Feature Updates and Announcements: Keep your projects current by receiving the latest updates on new features and essential changes in WooCommerce.

What to expect

Our inaugural issue is scheduled for the end of June. Each edition will be carefully curated, featuring the most relevant recent blog posts, pivotal product releases, community contributions, upcoming community events, and more.

Exciting giveaway!

To kick things off right, we’re launching a giveaway. We will randomly select 25 people who have signed up for the newsletter before July 1st to receive an exclusive Woo swag item

Notes from WCEU: A guide to automating WooCommerce through WC-CLI

From the Woo Developer Blog, by Pi

For developers using WooCommerce, one way to increase their efficiency and stay ahead of the curve is to embrace the power of the dedicated WooCommerce Command Line Interface (WC-CLI) to automate tasks. Last week at WCEU 2024,
Jesús Amieiro Becerra shared insights on how to harness WC-CLI, WooCommerce’s dedicated CLI tool, to enhance productivity and reduce errors in his workshop:

“Efficiency Unleashed: A Guide to Automating WooCommerce through CLI”.

Capture growing consumer spend with buy now, pay later

From the General Woo Blog, by Affirm

“With consumer spending on the rise at the beginning of the year, and online shopping continuing to grow across all demographic groups, merchants face both more opportunity and more competition for the consumer’s dollar. That means looking for new ways to meet consumer needs and giving them more reasons to shop your brand or site. A great place to start is the checkout process — identifying opportunities to both streamline this important last step in the sale and provide payment options for your customers that will enhance their experience.

One trend that has quickly grown in popularity for online purchases is the “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) option at checkout. BNPL is an alternative payment method that allows shoppers to break up the total cost of their purchase into affordable installments that are spread out over time — in some cases over a few weeks, and in others over multiple months.”

How to run a sale in WooCommerce 

From the General Woo Blog, by Nicole Kohler

“WooCommerce enables you to run multiple types of online sales by default. You can provide discounts via coupons for individual orders, put specific products or entire categories on sale, run flash promotions, and more. Understanding how each type of sale works and how to implement it with WooCommerce will help you grow your business more effectively.

In this guide, we’ll start by discussing the benefits of offering sales. Then we’ll show you how to run a sale in WooCommerce using eight different approaches.”

Word News

Image of Regina Carter

WordPress 6.5.5 Security Release

From, by Aaron Jorbin

Security updates included in this release:

  • A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting the HTML API reported by Dennis Snell of the WordPress Core Team, along with Alex Concha and Grzegorz (Greg) Ziółkowski of the WordPress security team.
  • A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting the Template Part block reported independently by Rafie Muhammad of Patchstack and during a third party security audit.
  • A path traversal issue affecting sites hosted on Windows reported independently by Rafie M & Edouard L of Patchstack, David Fifield, x89, apple502j, and mishre.

WordPress 6.6 RC1

From, by marybaum

This version of the WordPress software is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, please evaluate RC1 on a test server or a local environment.

Get a recap of WordPress 6.6’s highlighted features in the Beta 1 announcement. For more technical information related to issues addressed since Beta 3, you can browse the following links:

Want to look deeper into the details and technical notes for this release? These recent posts cover some of the latest updates:

Namecheap Planned Supersonic CDN Maintenance

From the

“We’d like to inform you about an upcoming CDN maintenance in the Production environment. It will start on the 26th of June 2024, at 03:00 AM EDT | 7:00 AM UTC. We expect that the customer websites that use CDN may face website downtime/slowness during the maintenance period.

The maintenance is scheduled with no specific timeframe at the moment. We will keep you updated through this status post. Thank you for understanding.”

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