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May 10, 2023 Woo Wednesday

Woo in purple & White

Woo Wednesdays is an Online Meetup (Noon Pacific time) Link

Upcoming Meetups (Pacific Time)

Dallas Fort Worth WordPress Event PageFeaturing Eric L.

SANTA CRUZ & SAN JOSE WP List of WP Meetup Groups – By Eagle

S.C.C WP – Take Your WordPress Site to the Next Level! May 10th @ 7:00 pm

Learn WP – Testing plugins for PHP 8: May 11 @ 7:00 am

C d’A/Spokane WP – Monthly Meetup: May 11th @ 6:00 pm

Inland Empire WP – Monthly Help Desk: May 11th @ 7:00 pm

Downstate WP (Champaign, Ill) – Monthly Meetup: May 12th @ 10:00 am

Portland WP – Monthly Help Desk: May 13th @ 10:00 am

Santa Clarita WP – How Captions Saved Marvel Cinematic Universe: May 13th @ 10:30 am

Boulder WP – All Things WordPress: May 15th @ 5:00 pm

Hartford WP – Exploring the Power of WordPress Text Blocks – Part 2: May 16th @ 3:00 pm

Learn WP – Let’s set up a new header and footer (block theme) May 16th @ 3:00 pm

Tamp Bay WP – Ask Us Anything: WP Support Crowdsourcing Meetup; May 16th @ 3:30 pm

Toronto WP – Let’s Fix Your Site! May 16th @ 3:30 pm

Woo News

WooCommerce 7.7 Released

Developer Survey 2023: Help us make Woo better

Online stores are being hijacked with fake forms to steal credit card details

The Science of Logo Design: How to Choose an Effective Logo for your Ecommerce Business

Word News

WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy”

A new WordPress bug may have left 2 million sites vulnerable

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin Patches Reflected XSS Vulnerability

Gutenberg 15.7 Adds Site Logo Upload to Inspector Controls

WordPress Themes Team Releases Stacks: A Community Theme for Building Slide Decks

WordPress Explores AI Integration

How AI is about to change your Google search results

Free Resources

Canva – Free Website Maker