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November 16th WOO Agenda

Woo in purple & White

Woo Wednesday is an Online Meetup (Noon Pacific time)

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Upcoming Meetups (Pacific Time)

Learn WP – WordPress 6.1 Exploration: October 16th @ 4:00 pm

WP Quickies – What Is WP Cron? November 16th @ 6:00 pm

Not Bakersfield WP Meetup – but in honor of Bakersfield WP: November 16th @ 7:00 pm

L.A. WooCommerce – Omnichannel Sales for Success: November 16th @ 7:00 pm

WP Quickies – What Is WP Cron? November 16th @ 6:00 pm

Learn WP – Developing Blocks without React! – Part 2: November 17th @ 6:00 am

ONLINE Milwaukee North WordPress Users Group: November 17th @ 7:00 am

Learn WP – Exploring Block Layout, Alignment, and Dimensions: November 17th @ Noon

West Orlando WP – The Importance of Maintenance: November 17th @ 3:00 pm

Philadelphia WP – Building & Selling Client Portals with WP: November 17th @ 4:00 pm

San Jose WP – HelpDesk: November 17th @ 6:00 pm

Learn WP – The Creative Side of Blocks, Vol. 3: November 18th @ 11:00 am

Denton WP – SEO Tools to Make Getting Found Easier: November 18th @ 5:00 pm

Seattle WP Bloggers – How to Get Started with SEO Today: November 19th @ 10:00 am

Santa Clarita WP – Finding WordPress Black Friday Deals: November 19th @ 10:30 am

Toronto WP – WordPress Mobile Insights 2: November 22nd @ 3:00 pm

Dallas Fort Worth WordPress Event PageFeaturing Eric L.

Woo News

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Word News

WordPress 6.1.1 Maintenance Release

WordPress 6.1 Support Forum

Over 15,000 WordPress Sites Affected in Malicious SEO Campaign

Yoast SEO 19.10 Update

GDPR and WordPress

Podcast: Openverse & Photo Directory– What Are They, and How Are They Different?

Black Friday Sales

WP Engine 33% off WordPress Hosting plans

Siteground 40% of Hosting plans

Gravity Forms 50% of all plans

Free Tools

17 Free Web Design Software Tools